Meep.  I hate this page, I never know what to put on the About page, so I'll just ramble about the artwork and the site a bit.

Making artwork:

   I use whatever pencil I can wrestle away from the cats, sometimes an eraser that doesn't smudge, an outdated version of Macromedia Fireworks, a DigiPro Tablet and a seven-year old American Shorthair tabby with the mien of a temple cat. 

   I like to draw small, so if I need to cram more details in, I do a rough sketch, scan it, clean it and print it big.  From there I use a lightbox to further refine the lineart, if the cat doesn't decide that I'm doing it wrong, which she informs me of by laying across the lightbox or chewing the pencil while I'm trying to use it. 

   If the lineart passes the cat's approval I scan it, clean it up and begin to color.  If I don't decide that I'm a complete hack and scrap the piece, I'll post it to the site.

Making the art work:

   I like to play around with composition and colors and sometimes wind up drawing the same thing over and over in different ways until I'm satisfied.  Sometimes I draw the lineart in pieces and put it all together in the computer, print it out, and trace it all on the lightbox to make one unified lineart.  I like using the computer because I can move componants around without having to re-draw anything like I would on paper and I can draw things at different sizes and re-size them in the program.

   I've tried drawing lineart straight into the computer with the table, but I can't for the life of me get the hang of it.  I find it much more easier and natural to draw on paper and then scan it in.  Most of the time I let the lineart show faintly in the final piece, but sometimes I think it looks better without.

   Coloring has to be my favorite part.  I tend to blare the favorites list on my MP3 player while coloring.  I've tried painting without music and found that I really can't for some reason.  With the right music I can really get into the art and sometimes I forget to get up, drink, eat or sleep until it's done or the cat steals the pen from my hand.  That part of the process can make for some good artwork, but a bad sleep schedule.

   One thing that really helped was that when we were little, our Mom banned us from drawing corner suns, lollipop trees, one dimensional houses, line grass and stick figures, as exampled by Slippy below. 

The site's logo/mascot:

   The logo/mascot for the site is the little toy frog at the top right of the pages.  The toy frog was a gift from my brother when I was in Kindergarten and I called him 'Mr. Frog' until 1993 when Starfox came out on the SNES and I changed his name to 'Slippy'.

   Slippy Frog went to dentist visits, show-and-tells, sleepovers, tea parties and every road trip or move he sat up front with me.  He also briefly helped my Dad out at work.  He worked at a bus company and when he trained new drivers, he'd take Slippy to work with him.  He'd place the frog on the dashboard and if Slippy slid around the dashboard of the trolly/bus, than the driver was taking the turns too harshly and was expected to learn how to take turns without sliding Slippy across the dashboard.  

   Slippy is the first thing I actually remember drawing, (though I'm quite sure I drew before that) so I thought it very appropriate to use him as my mascot.  He was also the first in my collection of frogs.

   Slippy is now retired from tea parties and training bus drivers and lives quite comfortably in a wicker chair on the bookshelf and is only occasionally bothered by the cats, who like to play with the feathers in the hat of the porcelain doll that lives on the next shelf over.

The artist:

   The artist is a rather shy almost-twenty-five year old who is owned by one cat and loaned out to the other housecat or the porchcats on occasion.

   Between reading and drawing she enjoys gardening, baking and videogames such as Everquest II, World of Warcraft and Sims.